A Light in the Hall


Here’s a Halloween story inspired by R.B. McConnell’s Snowflake’s Challenge #1, and also inspired by Drew at House Valerius. The challenge is to write a flash fiction story about a picture that R.B. McConnell took. You can find R.B.’s picture at the bottom of the story. 🙂

A Light in the Hall


I looked out into the hall. The light that filtered in was slightly green, and something about the stillness made me feel uneasy.

I left my dark bedroom behind and ventured farther into the hall.

The green light seemed to pull me in, and I thought I heard someone whisper my name.


I frowned. No one had called me Victoria in a long time. To most people, I was simply “Vic.”

The whisper came again. “Victoria.”

I looked around. I couldn’t tell where the green light was coming from—it seemed to be all around me without any one section of the hall being brighter than any other.

I walked down the hall to the living room and found it bathed in the same green light.

I saw a figure walking toward me, and soon before me, there was a familiar face.


“Is it really you?” I said. I was surprised at how quickly tears had sprung into my eyes.

“Victoria, come with me,” he said.

“I—I can’t,” I said. “I don’t understand. How can you be here?”

“Come with me.”

“No,” I said. I backed away. “How are you here?”

“Come with me,” he repeated, and he stretched out his hand.

In the next moment, we both were gone.


RB’s original photo:


Thank you to R.B. McConnell and Drew for the fun challenge!

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